Welcome to New Zealand’s new home building system.

Fernmark is a system designed to empower all who want to be part of our housing solution and take an active role in constructing quality, affordable and adaptable buildings – whether you’re creating a home, holiday accommodation or housing for those in need.

We’ve sourced a selection of quality components that are custom cut to suit your style and delivered to site, from Surefoot foundations and plumbing cassettes to cladding, kitchen and curtains. Minimal tools are required, minor onsite waste is produced and every piece can be fitted by two everyday people with the guidance of a Licenced Building Practitioner. 

The classic features, modern innovations and energy efficient design of the Fernmark system lays the foundation for an elegant, welcoming and smart home. Quality materials and adaptable elements create a resilient building that responds to your environment and evolves with your ever-changing needs. 

Today we invite you to build for the future, with Fernmark. 

What makes Fernmark different?

Welcome home

With Fernmark, you’re not buying a prefabricated building or pod, you’re constructing a warm, welcoming and elegant home. It’s affordable for those on a limited budget, with the quality, comfort, style and traditional elements all homeowners will love. 

Interior and exterior finishings are separated from all structural requirements, allowing a wide range of design aesthetics, from rustic accommodation to coastline cottages. 

Take control.

The Fernmark system is simple and intuitive, providing full control over the timeline and budget of your project. On designing your unique vision, you will receive an accurate cost and completion date. On the arrival of the engineered components, you can see, touch and understand everything that goes into your home. All wires and plumbing are easily accessed, not hidden under gib and paint. 

Future proof.

The Fernmark system utilises quality materials designed to minimise long-term failure risks, maximise maintainability and withstand natural disasters better than many New Zealand homes. The Surefoot Foundation System and overall design means buildings are more easily repaired after an earthquake, while the entire structure can be efficiently dried out after flooding.

As you grow and evolve so too can your home. Engineered components are easily added to, updated, unbolted and reassembled to suit your changing needs. 

Love your environment.

Fernmark homes are designed to be thermally efficient and are perfect for off-grid living and solar panels, as the 45 degree roof pitch allows for optimal performance. 

Construction and demolition waste makes up half of New Zealand’s landfill, according to a 2015 government study. Because all elements of a Fernmark home are made to order, we only produce what we use, any off-cuts are recycled efficiently and there is minimal onsite waste – which also means no costly skips. The need for gib and concrete is also eliminated, minimising your impact on the land and environment.